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Hey Glammers! I wanted to share my everyday makeup with you. I am constantly sharing products to my instagram stories but wanted to type it all out for you as well with detail and pricing.

My style is less is more, so I am always looking for products where a little goes a long way.

I hate the feeling of layers of makeup on my face. Once I became a licensed esthetician, I became more aware of what I was putting on my skin. I am and will forever be a makeup lover, so it is important to me to find the right products that are clean and work for my skin type (combination).


Combination skin: Oily on the T zone with large pores, but also dry in certain areas


KOSAS ( foundation, concealer and pressed powder)


I have been obsessed with Kosas lately. I have their skin revealer which I use for foundation and when my skin is more on the dry side. It is buildable coverage and made with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Both ingredients tackling hydration, skin tone, and anti aging properties. Don't use this as a replacement for your skin care, just think of it as an extra plus to your makeup routine. 

(Pro Tip: apply the foundation in small amounts with your method of choice - mine is a compact foundation brush in a dabbing motion)


I also love their concealer, same deal as the foundation but we obviously choose a lighter shade for our concealer to brighten up the face and highlight as well. I have never been a huge fan of powder/ "baking" because I just hate the feeling and feel like it is drying and cakey on my skin. Instead I opt for a pressed powder (Kosas Cloud Set). I use a triangle puffer to apply this product anywhere I want to decrease shine or set the makeup. It also helps smooth out the texture of your skin.


(Pro Tip: when applying any product, think small. You can always apply more if needed)


I bought all of these through Sephora

(foundation $42, concealer $28, cloud set $35)



MERIT (perfecting complexion stick, bronze balm, flush balm cream blush, day glow dewy highlighting balm, light weight lipstick, merit brush, mascara, tinter lip oil) ... okay I literally have their whole makeup line...



Perfecting Complexion Stick: they describe this as not a foundation and not a concealer...okay so what is it then? It's literally a complexion perfection stick. Their whole spiel is being a "minimalist" which I was naturally attracted to because what do we say again? "Less is more" ... very good glammers. 

I use this stick when I am looking for just a quick pick me up for the skin. I use it as both a concealer and foundation. When I really don't want to wear makeup but I do at the same time. If I need extra coverage then I will pair my kosas concealer with this to spot conceal or brighten up the under eye. The brush that goes with this is perfection. It has been my go to brush for blending. Stick is $38 and brush is $30. All products were bought at Sephora.


I have the blush in beverly hills $28. It is weightless and the perfect pink blush color. It can be sheer or more intense when applied in layers.


I also have the mascara that I use on occasion when I just want something super simple and natural $26. 

(Pro Tip: Blink into your mascara wand and use all the points of the wand including the tip to reach the corners)

THE BRONZER...ahhh! Love love love this stuff. I've been on the search for a super blend-able and clean cream bronzer stick.  $30 in the color seine. I even use it as eyeshadow.

(Pro Tip: Try applying bronzer before anything else, spend most the time blending when you are applying your foundation)


Love pairing the light weight lip in the shade Baby with lip liner. $26

I also have the lip tint in the shade taupe which is more of a brown color on me so I don't use it all the time but I think it will be really pretty in the summer time when I have a tan and just want some shine to my lips. $24


Their highlighter balm is so pretty and gives that natural healthy glow and not that shimmery flow (Capecodglam's word for fake glow..ha ha get it...anyway...) $30


(Pro Tip: Apply to fingers and dab on upper cheek bones and inner corner of eyes as well as under brow bone)


LAWLESS ( forget the filler lipliner in Pink Sand at Sephora $21)

"If you were stuck on an island and could only bring one makeup product, what would ...." "LIPLINER"


ok you get the point. I think I wear lipliner everyday. It is me , I am it.

Wearing something so much, I knew it was time to find something with better ingredients so I stumbled upon Lawless. This is the lightest shade and I do admit it is a little too pinky on my pale skin right now but if you blend it with your finger or dab it on toilet paper and add a little shine on top, you're golden. I've worn it everyday since I got it.

(Pro Tip: apply your lip liner first by outlining your lip shape, feel free to overline a-little bit and then fill in your lips with an inward motion)


TOWER 28 BEAUTY (Make Waves mascara in Jet Black at Sephora for $20)

First of all, very reasonable price, second of all.. BEST MASCARA I'VE LAID MY HANDS ON... and it's clean! Do I need say more? No. 


NYX (vegan epic smoke liner stick in white smoke at Ulta for $11)

I originally bought this for a white winged eyeliner, and then the "cold girl makeup trend" began and I tried it on my water liner and inner corner near the tear duct and the rest is history. It's an off white color so it's not screaming "you have white crud on your eyes" 


I am a sucker for highlighting my inner corner and on all of my clients. I don't think I ever skip this step.


ABH Brow Freeze (Sephora $23)

My brows are microbladed but have faded, but I hate filling them in so I occasionally do a brow tint or brow stain on myself and then I will brush my hairs up using a spoolie and brow freeze. I just think this look lifts the face and gives off a clean and fresh look.

(Pro Tip: Apply this before anything is on your skin to avoid filmy layers. Wipe off the edges of brow when finished with a cotton round)


Thank you for reading and I hoped this inspired you in some way! Follow me on Instagram for more product recs and never hesitate to reach out!


anddddd never stop "Doing it for the glam"

XO Ciara at Capecodglam







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