Intro: Judge Me, You Won't.

I write this based on personal experience and not license based...I've just been through it, I've learned, and I am learning...

You might be asking yourself "What is she talking about?" at this moment.

Ever since getting Covid for the third time a year ago, my body has been talking to me differently...sometimes even screaming at me.

I've dealt with alien like symptoms, things that I couldn't even describe/ was not familiar with what so ever. Things doctors would label as "anxiety" or "depression".

I put quotes around those two words, not because I believe they aren't real. We all know damn well that they are. They are just two highly misused and abused words in the western system.

I am aware I have experience with the two...but I am not someone who will just be like "ohhhhh that's why" and not wonder what is actually going on in my body and mind. I am someone who likes to know things. The deeper route to it all.

This has lead me to many ups and downs the past year, but all things that have provided growth...and I look at that as a win.

Throughout my journey and sharing my experience, my mind has expanded. I have done a lot of trial and error and trial and success with holistic and traditional approaches to my personal health.

Know that me sharing my story, isn't to say this is what you should be doing, know that every body is different, but also know that your body deserves to be explored & understood... not in a sexual way even though that's cool too...but like in a deep....philosophical way.

I'm saying, learn the language of your body. Know that your mind and body are one. Be vulnerable, let your guard down, and get ready to get weird and uncomfortable because that's what it's going to take to get a degree in your own body linguistics.

If none of this is making sense to you right now, maybe you haven't reached that point yet, or maybe you aren't allowing yourself to be drop all judgement on yourself and others. Take a moment to unclench your jaw, put your shoulders down, take a deep breath, & open up your mind.

I am no Allan Watts or Gandhi, but I am someone who loves themselves and is so very invested in self growth. I would like to share my experience with you & this is just the intro.

Know that these words may come across as confidence, but typing them involves vulnerability and even fear...because I am still learning. I am in the very depths of it all but I see the beauty of it, and I think you can too.

With all of this being said, I will be writing monthly blogs on things I have done that have helped me or maybe that haven't helped me. Products I use in skincare and diet and just in life in general. My holistic approach to MY life with the help of mentors and self discovery. This intro might be as deep as I get and I figured I'd start here. I am a sharer, but I choose what to share...especially when it comes to my personal life. I know I am not in this alone - so why not share and be real for my audience. I think it will be something multiple people can benefit from.


Where can you find my blogs? Right here on my page. If you follow me on instagram @capecodglam... I will share to my stories when something new is uploaded.


Until then,


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