Cape Cod Goddess Photoshoot

Cape Cod Goddess Photoshoot

I wanted to share a little bit about my experience during the Cape Cod Goddess Photoshoot at Lydia Leclair Photography located in Harwich, MA.

First I will start off with the definition of the spirituality of a Goddess...."The reverential experiencing and expressing of divine female energies within the universe." It's been hard for me to put into words how exactly this session made me feel because it is one of those things that you just have to experience for is a feeling...but this definition definitely helps sum it up.

I went into the session as a chance to market my brand (Capecodglam) and to network with Lydia, who I will introduce to you all in a following paragraph. Little did I know how much I actually needed something like this in this moment and time.

Life happens, and when life happens it can happen fast, and it will try to attack our confidence if we let it. I don't get too personal on my professional pages but let's just say 2022 knew how to kick me on my butt...but it also knew how to test me in all the right ways where I would come out even stronger. Throughout feelings of uncertainty, tons of fear/anxiety of the unknown and problems with personal relationships...I believe I found Lydia and the Cape Cod Goddess photoshoot at the exact right time.

A health scare at the end of 2022 really put me into check and made me determined to better my life in all angles. I started therapy, I did more research on my body and health, I increased yoga and paid more attention to diet, I've cut out caffeine entirely (with lots of trial and error & if you know me this is HUGE), and I've stopped drinking. None of these things have been easy and none have to be a forever thing but as long as I continue to benefit from them, I will continue on this path until I feel like I am back on my feet. It is certainly a long process and requires a lot of patience as I'm sure most of you may know. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that may be scary at first but only delivering satisfaction and confidence at the end of it all has become a new way of life for me. The Cape Cod Goddess Shoot falls nothing short of a therapeutic confidence boost that we all need and deserve.

Capecodglam's motto is "to enhance your natural beauty". I stand strongly by this because I want you all to feel beautiful in your own skin without feeling the need to completely change yourself. Lydia's session does exactly this by letting you be yourself and feel absolutely divine doing it. Not only do you get to wear beautiful hand made crowns by an artist on Etsy (I mean what better way to feel like a goddess than by wearing crowns), but you get to express yourself. You get to be vulnerable and I truly believe there is no self growth without vulnerability. 

Let me explain the process a bit:

1.First you reach out directly to Lydia   and you discuss your options and pick a date and time

2. You choose your outfits! Lydia will be able to help you with the color scheme of the backdrops but from there you will be able to choose your wardrobe/accessories 

3. You come to the studio and get to see me! I will be there already set up for makeup and hair. You can decide on your looks or leave matters in my hands. Full face makeup with lashes and a simple hairstyle will be included depending on the package you choose with Lydia ...I hope you choose this one ;)

4.  You will change into your first outfit and Lydia will do a few warm up shots to make sure everything is in check

5. After a few shots you will loosen up as I did, I promise you

6. The shoot itself will last about an hour 

7. Lydia will edit chosen photos and you will receive a link with digital copies and one matte print out

Meet Lydia Leclair!

Based in Harwich Port, Lydia Leclair runs her own photography studio. It is right across from Cape Roots ( a great cafe and market to check out) and near local restaurants and shops.

Lydia thrives on being able to meet new people and really capture their spirits through images. She focuses on candid and posed images that are bright, vibrant and authentic.

Lydia's passion for photography started when she was only 5 years old using her father's film camera. I have been working with Lydia ever since our first Cape Cod Goddess Photoshoot. She is a kind soul and makes you feel comfortable and free. I believe that both of our goals when it comes to our careers is to make people feel seen. There really is no better feeling than that.

In conclusion, people need to start doing more things to celebrate their inner and outer beauty. At the end of the day, there is no-one like you and we can be our own worst critics. It's time to battle that critic and embrace your beauty. 

If you are interested in booking, please reach out to myself or Lydia. We can not wait to meet you!

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