Meet The Artist




       Hey there, thank you so much for your interest in Capecodglam! My name is Ciara, I am 30 and I have lived on Cape Cod my entire life - with many adventures in between. I started Capecodglam back in 2016 as just a hobby. After obtaining my Bachelor's in Marketing, I had some time on my hands while searching for my first 9-5 job. I started to watch youtube tutorials on makeup and began to practice on my face. This developed into a passion of mine but I had no plans to turn it into a career (little did I know...).  Since I was my only client at the time, my work was shown in "selfies". I didn't want to blow up my personal feed with these so I decided to create a separate Instagram and the name "Capecodglam" just came to me. It made sense being that Cape Cod plays a huge role in my life/ to who I am and the word "glam" just speaks for itself.


         After starting this page, I ended up applying to a 9-5 job. I was hired for a position at an Alzheimer's Facility as their Program Coordinator ( I know, complete opposite of glam ). I stayed at this job for three years and it was a huge learning and growing experience for me that I am forever grateful for. During my time here, my passion for makeup never faded away and I had even worked some weddings throughout the years helping out a hair stylist. I realized it really was something I wanted to I enrolled in beauty school where I got my Esthetician License. Once I was Licensed, I decided to take a leap and pursue this passion of mine full time. I joined Wedding Wire/ The Knot to help build my clientele & portfolio. I even became Lash Certified so I could expand my menu. After years of building clientele through wedding clients, lash clients, family, friends, Wedding Wire and word of mouth I can say my business has been the busiest it's ever been and I have developed so many wonderful professional and personal relationships throughout my journey.


       Capecodglam is truly my number one passion and I can not wait for you to experience this with me! My goal as an artist has been and will always be to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. I enhance natural beauty, I do not change it. I view my services as a therapeutic treatment through beauty that brings calmness and confidence to your world.



What I'm manifesting next for my business? DESTINATION WEDDINGS!

I love to travel and my dream is to bring the glam with me where ever I go. I am always up for new experiences and challenges!



Thank you for reading and I can not wait to meet you!

& remember to always do it for the glam,