My biggest advice to future brides!



Hey there! I thought i'd bullet proof some advice based off of my experience as a MUA in the wedding industry.


Running into some common yet avoidable situations makes me feel the need to use my voice and maybe it will help you as you continue to plan your wedding.


First and foremost - this is YOUR day to celebrate and honor your love.


1. Stray from bringing guests to your trial. Although I would love to have them, it can actually hinder the whole reasoning behind a trial. Your trial is for you to bond with your MUA and to test out your desired look. Sometimes the opinions of others can cause us to make decisions that aren't really for us. You will know if the look is for you or not by not only the way it looks, but the way it feels. If you want something and it feels right, then you just have to go for it.


2. Things to keep in mind when you're looking at inspirational pics online: Their features are not your features therefore it will look different. The photo is most likely edited and airbrushed. We all have different types of skin and features and that is ok, more than ok but it's important to keep this in mind when it comes to the finished result. Pay attention to the colors used (eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, bronzer etc) if you like some things about the photo but not all things, we can customize pretty much anything. Say things to your artist like "love the eye but can we do this color instead." or "Love this look but can we do less coverage/ contour"


3. Communication is key! Professional artists should understand that not everyone is going to like their work and not be offended by it. Of course if you aren't pleased with a look, let your artist know and talk about what changes you can make before automatically canceling. Professionals should be able to listen to your needs and work with you. 


4. Fill out the contract ASAP as it helps your artist plan for your big day with all needed information like location, start and end time, and how many to receive makeup.


5. Understand that the booking fee is non-refundable because your artist blocks off the entire day for you wedding and is most likely declining a lot of other offers since she is committed to your big day. The time the artist takes emailing, texting, time scheduling, typing up contracts and messaging with you is also included in the booking fee.


6. Usually MUA are self employed so all of the behind the scenes work we do like communication and planning and cleaning our supplies before and after your service, we do not get paid for - so this is taken into consideration when it comes to pricing as well. 

7. On the day of your artist is working hard to not only satisfy you and your bridal parties glam requests, but to also bring a memorable experience to your special day. Things that help your artist stay on track and focused would be to avoid distracting conversation when your in the glam chair, to stay off of your phone, to come prepared with a clean face and no makeup from the night prior, to be well hydrated and ready to relax for 45 min to an hour and be in the present moment. Brides, I know that this day can be hectic but I do my best to make this time about pampering and relaxation. If you are worried about not being available to answer questions to your bridal party, coordinator or photographer...assign this role to someone else so you can really be in the present moment and enjoy this time that is set aside for YOU.



I can't wait to meet you all!



Ciara CCG


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